This is a small portion of my research board of surface tests

This is a small portion of my research board of surface tests

Artist Statement

My constructed forms are abstractions that draw from an array of concepts and objects that include themes of industrialization, astrophysics, humor, games, politics and the environment. Using these ideas, I make forms that have a carefully crafted ambiguous quality. They resemble or hint at concepts of transport, storage, containment or transformation. While there are no moving parts in my work, I imply an internal tension or kineticism with my forms. I suggest connectivity and interconnectedness by the inclusion of pipes or piping. They signify the conduits that link my concepts.

Through the surface treatment, construction process and form, I introduce many layers of meaning. While some are overt and others are buried, many clues are there for contextualization. For example, the post nuclear age ooze in the pipes references what is inside the forms -it could be good or bad depending on viewpoint. Also, how I use forms derived from clocks and smoke detectors to reference a theme of time.

It is intriguing to me how the use of color and texture in tandem with simplified forms can convey deeper meanings and retain aesthetic appeal. Incorporating vivid equiluminant colors with metallic surfaces seem to play off of each other in interesting ways. Notably, the contrasting tone of fun and serious.

Although I have specific areas of interest that shape and define my practice, it is highly interesting to me how the viewer perceives and interprets my work in their own way.